Please note: The Binghamton Rifle Club is a private, members only access range.
We do not allow non-members shooting access, we do not rent or sell guns, and we do not sell ammunition.

Other Programs & Events

There is always something happening at our club. Below are a few of the special events that happen a few times per year. You must be a member to participate in these activities at our club.

Just Beyond Basics is a Binghamton Rifle Club training program designed to help shooters become more familiar with their guns and become better shots. The training is scheduled twice a year and is conducted by and NRA instructor or coach.

The first part of the training is focused on the different kinds of pistols and how they operate. All the guns provided for training are made safe by a gunsmith disabling the gun so it is incapable of being fired.

The second part of the training is concentrated on the basics of shooting. Topics covered are breathing, stance, grip, sight picture and sight alignment, trigger control and other basic functions.

The third part of the training is on the range with one on one coaching and firing of your handgun to help you become more accurate and comfortable with your gun. (22 caliber rimfire rifles can also be shot on the range)

Our goal is to help everyone become more proficient and accurate with your firearms.

Try A Gun is scheduled twice a year. Approximately 30 to 40 different makes and caliber guns are provided to Club members who would like to try some different guns before going out and actually purchasing one. Everything from competition guns, different caliber concealed carry guns, revolvers and semi-automatics including some of the finest manufacturers. Calibers include almost everything from 22 caliber up through 45 long Colt.

For $10 to cover the cost of ammunition, you can fire 5 rounds in 4 different handguns. Or you can fire 20 rounds in one gun. You can also fire another 20 rounds for an additional $10.

This program has been very popular with our Club members.